More risk of infections on Back to School

October 6, 2020

Children have low possibility of getting seriously ill when they contracted dangerous microorganisms but health experts are still not confident how they can transmit very easily. Study shows that kids are not easily infected as much as adults, although, somehow contrary to this, children have with them and pass harmful bacteria and viruses same as the adults, that is why they pose a great threat of disseminating disease-causing germs to others.

Concerned education leaders have dilemma to battle on which is, let the schools be closed and compromise children’s education or risk their health by letting them attend schools. Definitely, this issue has to be handled seriously. Problems will arise if we demand parents to send children to attend school and they got infected with bad viruses, then it will be a very sad and terribble thing.

Some educators are putting pressures to re-open schools and they are calling for it. Their principle is stressed more importance on not to lose vital time for learning. Some calls for school re-opening only when there is no more risk of infections. Else, we will have to cope with several years of difficulty in the education sector and will keep on protecting helpless children from any problems.

Of course school children will not be able to realize how much risk they can pose to themselves and to the people around them. Parents will have to impose strict precautionary measures to protect everyone. There are several ways to do this.

It is a common knowledge that health experts are constantly reminding us to practice proper hygiene. Not only that, school authorities should put proper sanitation procedure in placed to make sure that every area are safe for children. Several disinfectant sanitizers are readily available in the market.

Disinfections should not only be done once. A series of cleaning should be carried out daylong for as long as the children are physically in contact to commonly touched areas and surfaces. This way, disease-causing germs, if present, which is transferred by any child will be wiped out and transmission is prevented.

The fear of sending children to school because of the risk of infections is acceptable, but to think that there are control-measures available, if ever education sector persists, they should be strict in requiring the disinfection procedures. Disinfectants should not cause serious reactions to school children. Toxins in the contents may cause as much harm as getting infected.

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