Fogging Disinfection Plays a Major Role in Preventing Disease Transmission

April 29, 2021

We see how fogging or misting is widely used to contain the spread of the deadly infection. Public areas, streets, even inside of the buildings were disinfected not only on the physical surfaces. This is because according to health experts, disease-causing microorganism are present in the air for 45 minutes.

Bacteria, viruses and other germs can outreach a distance of 4 meters when expelled into the air by sneezing or coughing. These dangerous pathogens can stay around for 45 minutes and has a strong capability of transmitting respiratory diseases and other infections.

Fogging and misting is the effective technique to stop the widespread of disease by killing these germs both inside and outside environment. Disinfectants in the mist can attack microscopic droplets in the air. Very contemporary, helpful and inexpensive.

Fogger disinfectant is dispersed into the ambient air by using a machine like MedQuips ULV Fogger H05; Mini Fogger & Biospray Disinfection Machine. Evenly distributing mist into the whole space, this method is way more advantageous than wiping the surfaces in terms of disinfecting hard to reach areas. Definitely, wiping maintains its reliability even with the presence of foggers. Actually, combining these two methods will give us the guarantee that our living environment well are disinfected.


Wide areas requires thorough fogging especially those places frequently visited by most number of people. Public places like shopping malls, health institutions, schools, airports, cinemas, gyms, generally confined places where disease-causing microorganisms can widely and rapidly spread through the air.

People do not realize that their health is compromised by simply touching surfaces or objects and breathing in air. Infection control is varied and application must be taken seriously.

Modern day methods makes life easier by offering easy and practical solutions. Health is important. Progress can be attained with proper human well-being and a healthy population is certainly productive.

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